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Christmas Game

Its the season to be Jolly and for the Christmas Game!!!!

With Dickie no longer around to organise the Christmas Game (comeback Dickie), I have offered to step in and run the game. It will be based on the format that Dickie has pioneered in the Club with you trying to help or hinder Father Christmas. You have 10 hit points to allocate to your force and you will need a leader and henchmen/women. The leader must cost more than any other figure in your force. So you can have a leader worth 2 points and 8 henchmen worth 1 point each, or a leader worth 6 points and one henchman worth 4 points.

You should also have some transport to help your unit get around. In this game, size is irrelevant so your troops can be 15mm, 28mm or anything you like as long it will fit on the table and leave space to move around (no 6 footers).

This is a land of magic so anything may happen. Come prepared with some spells which must be in rhyme.

Hope to see you on the 19th.. And a Merry Christmas to all

AK47 Battle report: Rebels defeated in Bana Soto

Elements of the People’s Liberation Army were discovered in the interior of Bana Soto by elements of the Army of Bana Soto (ABS) who engaged them whilst calling for support.

The enemy force was identified as a large contingent of infantry with machine guns supported by three tanks (the infantry were militia and these were the only two units who made it to the table in the deployment phase). Opposing them were two units of the ABS, three tanks of regulars and three mortars which were also the only forces to make it to the table in the deployment round.

The ABS concentrated their attack on the infantry causing casualties and moral checks, whilst the PLA tanks raced to the aid of their allies rather slowly.

Neither side succeeded in gaining any reinforcements on turn 4 and the PLA infantry’s morale failed and they fled the field but the PLA tanks succeeded in destroying the ABS tank who were dismayed to find that they had loaded the wrong ammunition, not having expected to meet other tanks.

The first reserves to appear were the Commando Early Reaction Bana Soto force (CERBS), but they were not in time to save the tanks of the ABS, which were destroyed by the PLA before discoverying they had also failed to load sufficient ammunition.

By this time, the remaining ABS forces had appeared and began advancing to surround the tanks. Deciding that it was best to live to fight another day, the PLA tanks decided to withdraw at speed.

French clash with Chinese

Whilst making their way towards Urga across the Gobi Desert, the French Citreon Kegresse expedition found their way blocked by the army of Chinese Warlord Wei Phat Mac.

Chinese advance on French Expedition

Unable to negotiate a peaceful solution to allow them to pass, the Expedition attacked this army to force passage. The Chinese bravely advanced to challenge the Expedition only to suffer heavy casualties due to moving slowly during their advance due to the failure of Wei Phat Mac to throw decent movement dice. Exposed in open terrain, the Chinese infantry were mowed down by the French machine guns on the Kegresses, Laffey White Armoured car and heavy machine gun of the Foreign Legion escort.
Chinese armoured car supports infantry advanced

Both the Chinese field gun and the French Mountain gun failed to be effective as the Chinese armoured car attempted to support the infantry advance. A lucky shot from this latter armoured car
French Kressese knocked out by Chinese Armoured Car
took out one of the Kegresses, but it in turn was knocked out by a shot from the Laffey White.
The last gasp charge of the Chinese Cavalry

Having hid behind a hill for most of the battle, the Chinese irregular cavalry made one last bid to change the course of the battle as the raced to take out the French Heavy Machine gun, only to get caught in a fire of the Foreign Legion and the remaining Kregresse.
French Colonials fight Chinese Bandits and remnants of Close order troops

The Chinese close order infantry managed to close with French Colonial scouts as did the Chinese Bandits, inflicting minor casualties. With loss mounting and without having committed his personal guard, Wei Phat Mac withdrew from the field, allowing the Expedition to continue its advance towards Urga.


ECW Campaign

The Club is running an ECW campaign based on the Pike and Shotte rules. It is based in Ireland with multiple fractions vying for control of the counties.

There are the Irish Confederates¬† under the commands of MaColla, O’Neil, and Preston together the Irish Connaught under Tuchet.

The Scots Covenantars under Lord Levan have landed in the North of Ireland and linked up the with the Covenantars of Londonderry under Robert Munro.

The Royalist of Cornwall under Hopton have landed on the west coast of Ireland whilst a seperate force of Royalists under Lord  Ormand occupy the land around Dublin. Montrose has landed north of Dublin.

Parliamentarian forces under Inchiquin control Cork and the surrounding counties.  A second Parliamentarian force is at sea, and no one knows where it will land.

There is also a Papal Legate with troops, supplies and money in Ireland and King is in England but contactable.

Each player has received an overall briefing and we are in the initial stages of planning our first moves.

Battle reports will follow.


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