2010 Raid on Solent

8700Our 2010 Participation game was called Raid on the Solent. It was based on the raid by over 200 aircraft of the Luftwaffe on Portsmouth and  Ventnor on the 12th August 1940 and was in recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

 We ran this game at Salute,  Warfare, Reading. and Attack! In Devizes.

 The rules have been developed in house and are specific to our aims for this game. They are based on our experience of playing the WWI Aerial Game, Knights of the Sky using 1/72 scale models.

 For this game, all the models have been supplied by Raiden Miniatures and painted by a team of Club members. The terrain was based on Kallistra hexes which the Club purchased or were loaned by Club members. The bases have been scratch built. The planes are attached to the bases using magnets to allow removal of casualties.

 The rules we used are available as a PDF by clicking here.