AK47 Battle report: Rebels defeated in Bana Soto

Elements of the People’s Liberation Army were discovered in the interior of Bana Soto by elements of the Army of Bana Soto (ABS) who engaged them whilst calling for support.

The enemy force was identified as a large contingent of infantry with machine guns supported by three tanks (the infantry were militia and these were the only two units who made it to the table in the deployment phase). Opposing them were two units of the ABS, three tanks of regulars and three mortars which were also the only forces to make it to the table in the deployment round.

The ABS concentrated their attack on the infantry causing casualties and moral checks, whilst the PLA tanks raced to the aid of their allies rather slowly.

Neither side succeeded in gaining any reinforcements on turn 4 and the PLA infantry’s morale failed and they fled the field but the PLA tanks succeeded in destroying the ABS tank who were dismayed to find that they had loaded the wrong ammunition, not having expected to meet other tanks.

The first reserves to appear were the Commando Early Reaction Bana Soto force (CERBS), but they were not in time to save the tanks of the ABS, which were destroyed by the PLA before discoverying they had also failed to load sufficient ammunition.

By this time, the remaining ABS forces had appeared and began advancing to surround the tanks. Deciding that it was best to live to fight another day, the PLA tanks decided to withdraw at speed.