What a tanker!

It’s off to the Russian Front next week for a game of What a Tanker! in the snow. This will be in 1/72nd scale so that there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre. There’s room for up to six players and there are a couple of places up for grabs if you want to take a Mark IV or T-34 for a spin.

Cruel Seas

There are several club players now painting their plastic MTB’s and S-Boats for the new coastal forces game Cruel Seas. There’s a game being run by Geoff at the club this week, so that we can all get up to speed with the rules mechanisms and blow things up with torpedoes. If that’s not your cup of tea there will also be games of Black Powder and Sharp Practice to whet your appetite.

BTH2 Bandits Over Berlin

This was a playtest game for the local Lard Day event in March, ‘Come and Have a Go if you Think You’re Lard Enough’ organised by the Sarisbury Green club. In the scenario, the Luftwaffe clashed with the USAAF, RAF and VVS in the skies over Berlin in the last days of the war. In the end, it was a Luftwaffe victory, with two Allied fighters lost for one FW190.

Thanks to all the play testers for taking part and providing some really good feedback. There will be another play test BTH2 game next month for the other scenario that will be running in the afternoon session on the Lard Day itself.