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Busy time at the Club

The Club has got off to a good start to the new year with a variety of games being played and enjoyed by both old (both in age and length of time at the Club) and younger/newer members.

We are coming Back

We have had the green light to start again and the first night will be 1st September. The need to adhere to Social distancing and avoid spreading the virus will limit numbers and games, so book a table if you are planning to play. Let us know through our group if you are going to come by the 30th August.

Dig out those figures and dice and start rolling.

2018 Belgarum

The 2018 Belgarum Field of Glory III
The tournament was held over the weekend of the 24th and 25th February 2018. 23 players started the tournament but one had to drop out, leaving 22 to complete the weekend.

The results were:

1 David Bannister 98
2 Dave Ruddock 92
3 Steve Brown 91
4 David Fairbrother 80
4 David Fairhurst 80
6 Ian Carbutt 76
7 Paul Bartlett 74
8 Phil Powell 73
8 Phil Jelley 73
10 Dave Morrison 65
11 David Putt 64
12 Ian Newell 62
13 Owain Simpson 61
14 Dave Massie 60
15 John Akers 57
16 Renfrey Pearson 54
17 Martyn Simpson 52
18 Lynda Fairhurst 51
19 Alan McFarlane 40
20 Colin Boulain 39
21 Richard Lindley 36
22 John Patrick 26

Drums Along The Watusi

We went back in time to play a set of rules printed in the early Miniature Wargames magazine under the title Drums Along The Watusi in the Rules on a Post Card series.

We used the figures we had to give the rules a try. The terrain was dense jungles with tracks and open spaces. To represent this, we placed dark green areas to represent the open areas and brown tracks. Everything else was dense jungle.

We used our Back of Beyond figures and some British Naval figures to make an international Brigade making their way across the table to the river where boats awaited.

Movement was by throwing 2D6 with an ambush occuring on a result of 11 or 12 in the jungle or 10, 11 or 12 in the open (on the tracks and clearings). Movement was 2 times the result if in the jungle or 3 times on the tracks and through the clearings.

The British headed off through the jungle and made slow progress without encountering the natives until they were two thirds the way across the table.

The Japanese contingent made slow progress the first turn but their rear unit was ambushed on their second move.

The Chinese moved even slower to start with, avoiding ambushes until they were half-way across the table when they were fired upon by the Japanese who mistook them for natives, and were then ambushed by the natives to add to their misfortune. The Japanese tried to redeem themselves by coming to their aid.

It was the French who were immediately ambushed and for the first few turns, continued to have to fight their way across the table with more ambushes each turn. One ambush came from an area that the British had just passed through, leading to accusations of the British being in league with the natives.

Despite the differences in the movement rates and the number of ambushes each nation suffered, they all arrived at the river with one turn of each other.

A very enjoyable and fun game with simple rules.

Battle of Newry

This is a report on a very early ECW Campaign battle by Alan, originally created as a page and now moved to a post.

Butcher Montrose and his devil spawn cavalry attacked the peaceful province of Newry. Burning and pillaging there way through the land, they were met by Colonel Frasier and his brave Musketeers.

These brave gentlemen safely escorted the ladies of the provence to the safety of Newry before these fiends gathered there courage to attack. During the fight of the bridge these spawn of the devil cruelly murdered the Parson Williams as he bravely aided the sick and injured of the musketeers, leaving his body in a most distressing state, before they retired in the face of the musketeers fury.

Despite the loses of the local population to these devils the people of Newry stand tall and loyal to the true faith in the assurance that the Lord will wreak his vengeance on the unbelievers.