Back of Beyond Campaign: The Texan Oil Prospectors


You are an American oil prospecting expedition under the leadership of Texan wildcat oil tycoon U.R.Barking. You are exploring the wastes of the Gobi Desert in search of a big strike.

As a result you have assembled a convoy of vehicles and a motley team of engineers, surveyors and roustabouts to survey potential oil fields along the trail to Urga. You will be travelling through hostile territory infested with bandits and renegades, so you have come armed to the teeth and ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

You have hired a small band of White Russian mercenaries to escort you across the desert and provide some additional firepower. You have improvised some armoured trucks using boiler plate and a couple of spare machine guns that you acquired ‘no questions asked’ from a disreputable arms dealer. You are also equipped with an army surplus aircraft, which will be used to scout ahead of the convoy and as aerial support in case of attack.

You are able to hire the services of an ex-WW1 fighter ace, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Eagelberger who has been touring the region with his barnstorming flying circus having fallen on hard times. He is an outstanding pilot and a specialist in aerial dogfighting, having shot down twenty three opponents single handed over the Western Front.

(This ‘Dinosaur Hunter’ based force is a veteran of two previous campaigns but will not be taking part in the current Back of Beyond shenanigans. It may make an occasional appearance along the way, however, when it will stand in for other players who can’t make it that turn.)