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Full Steam Ahead

All the nice boys like a sailor, so this week Dickie is running a 1/3000th scale pre-dreadnought naval game. In addition, there’s the usual Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmish, no doubt featuring Laurent’s superbly painted French columns against Gary’s Thin Red Lines, with Alan’s Landwehr probably arriving just in the nick of time. It all promises to be a fine evening of wargaming!

english civil war black powder big game

There’s a big multiplayer game of Black Powder at the club this week, with loads of room for players to join in. As usual, it’s the English Civil War in 28mm using everyone’s figures, so expect to see the Scots, Irish and possibly even some Cossacks, assuming Dickie gets any say in the matter (they’ll be the ones with snow on their boots)


This week at the club it’s a return to Cruel Seas, with the coastal forces of the Kriegsmarine out in strength for a clash mid-Channel against the Royal Navy. There will be plenty of action but, due to the set-up, no places to join in. If you want to drop by for a game, there will also be a Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmish with some space for people to play.


This week there’s an Ancients game of Sword and Spear in 15mm, featuring the mighty Carthaginians and another Napoleonic outing for Sharp Practice in 28mm. There will probably be some room for players to drop in to either game or just pop along for a chat and a pint.


Next week at the club there’s a big English Civil War game in 28mm using Black Powder as the rules of choice. There are plenty of places, so it is a good opportunity to get involved in a big multiplayer club game, which is always good fun, either for Parliament or the King (or possibly the Scots who do their own thing?). As usual, other games will probably be running as well.


This week at the club there’s a big WW II Iron Cross game, with the plucky British PBI taking on the steely might of the Panzerwaffe. It promises to be a hard fought battle, as the Tommies go panzer bagging with their PIATS, aided by their own armoured support. Gary is providing all of the terrain and 28mm figures, so it will be a jolly good show! As usual, there will also be a variety of other games being played on the night.


Next week it’s another Sharp Practice game at the club with the British and their Prussian allies attempting to stop the French from doing whatever dastardly things they are up to, which is probably a jolly good idea. There will no doubt be other games under way too, so there will probably be room for anyone who turns up on the night to join in.


Next week there’s a Bag the Hun 2 game set over the island of Malta in November ’41. The Mc202 pilots of 73 Squadriglia will be chasing a formation of Bristol Blenheims as they come in to land, with the Hurricane pilots of No185 Squadron scrambled to intercept them. There will be probably be a space or two spare if you want to join in. As usual, there will also be a range of other games being played including a multiplayer Sharp Practice Napoleonic skirmish and the Fields of Glory competitors fine tuning their cunning plans for BELGARUM 2019.

Art de la Guerre

Next week at the club it’s another Ancients game, this time featuring a popular if not mainstream set of big battle rules, Art de la Guerre, using armies in 15mm and standard DBM / FoG basing. There will be other games on as well including some of the Field of Glory generals fine tuning their competition tactics for BELGARUM 2019, and a 28mm Malburian battle using Warlord Games Black Powder.